EKG Bioset 9000

EKG Bioset 9000



General Application
BIOSET 9000E is a 6/12-channel electrocardiograph.
As a variant, the unit can be supplied with automatic ECG measurement function or automatic measurement/
interpretation using the HES analysis program by the Medizinische Hochschule Hanover.
If desired, it is also possible to unlock the ECG measurement/interpretation function in the client’s house.
BIOSET 9000E is foreseen for ECG recording in the ambulant practice and clinical routine.
Owing to its small dimensions, low weight, and possible battery operation it is suitable for
home visits and emergency medicine.
Unit Design
BIOSET 9000E is a compact unit with horizontal upper side.
The casing consists of two plastic shells with easy-to-clean surface. The lower part is the chassis which
includes the most significant components.
The main components of BIOSET 9000E are:
Lower casing part with
– circuit board with the entire electronic system
– recording unit as a separate module
Upper casing part with
– keypad including LEDs