Erbe Icc 300 sebészeti vágó

Erbe ICC 300 sebészeti vágó


Product Features:

  • Cutting
    • Cut control – for automatic perfect cuts
    • High cut with specialized arc regulation for underwater cuts or in fatty structures
    • Endo cut – the cutting mode for endoscopy
  • Coagulation
    • Precisely controlled coagulation and no carbonization with Soft Coag
    • Forced Coag – for situations where speed is essential
    • Spray Coag – for efficient surface coagulation
    • Argon-Plasma Coagulation unit ERBE APC 300 hookup as standard equipment
    • Mono- und bipolar coagulation (Bipolar Coag)
    • Twin Coag – for comfortable coagulation on two channels: connector and individual settings for two Coag instruments
    • Auto Start and Auto Stop – for coagulation support